Deux Arabesques

Performing and recording arrangements has become an important part of our musical work. Through arranging existing pieces ourselves, we are expanding the still rare and young repertoire available for percussion trio. We care a lot about keeping the composers’ intentions and the spirit of the pieces alive, but still show the music in a new context and give it new life.

An arabesque is an ornament that has its origins in Islamic art. These can be found not only in Western architecture and dance, but also in music. Applied to Debussy's "Deux Arabesques", the title creates a figurative association with the intertwined lines of the ornament. While the melodic lines of the first arabesque are rather expansive, the second arabesque is dominated by a small triplet motif as a kind of miniature ornament. With good reason, the two Arabesques are probably the most popular pieces from Debussy's early work. In our arrangement, we give the playful arabesques a new touch with the vibraphone and marimba.

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