New Triple Concerto by Avner Dorman

New Triple Concerto
August 11, 2023

„Having written several concertos for percussion - multi-percussion pieces - I was thrilled to hear from the TrioColores that they would like a concerto that focuses on mallet instruments.

A concerto that focuses on the melodic side of these beautiful instruments and brings a gentler, more expressive, side of percussion to the orchestral world. I imagine two marimbas and a vibraphone, taking both melodic and harmonic roles in this piece. I hear this piece as a meeting point of European art music - from its early days in the 1600s with music of the Middle East, South East Asia, and Africa. I imagine the complex rhythmic counterpoint of Balinese and Subsaharan traditions blending with Baroque Harmony. In other parts, Arabic ornamentations develop bel canto melodies, and traditional Jewish songs become arias. Ultimately, I hear this piece as one stretch of time - perhaps made of smaller sections - but never giving way to complete silence.“

Avner Dorman

By commissioning the American-Israeli composer Avner Dorman, we are fulfilling a long-awaited wish. Avner Dorman is a very special composer for us percussionists. He has an extraordinary knack for handling percussion instruments, which is evident in several solo works for percussion and orchestra. He is an absolute master of uniting music from different cultures into a new sound language all his own. We, too, have recently been very busy putting music from the repertoire of other instruments into a new sonic context. Therefore, the symbiosis between Avner Dorman's music and our musical creation is enormously interesting and promising for us.

Our goal was to commission a work that has meaning in the short and long term. We want this 30-minute work to be experienced by the broad concert audience around the world, both live in the concert hall and medially processed on the popular platforms of social media.

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